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Being in and around web design and development for so long we have learnt a great deal about what works and what doesn’t. For example we know which points to focus on if you want to improve your SEO ranking. We understand the importance of a good Social Media Presence and interaction for your customers. Every day we all see people, mobile phone in hand interacting with the world, so we know the need for responsive websites.

For Developers

So you want a cheap website?

We Brits may not like it but we're going to have to talk about money and that means cheap websites.. Last week I was contacted by a potential new customer.  They were very specific about what they needed (which is great for me), home page with slides and feedback...

Good websites aren’t cheap and cheap websites aren’t good.

When you are thinking of investing in a website there really is only one question to ask; what is your business worth? I recently got chatting with an old school friend who was just starting his mid-life crisis and had decided to buy a motorbike.  He was so excited by...

For Designers

Keeping your website fresh

Small Businesses that update their website five times a month enjoy on average 300% more traffic. So you have a new website, designed to your requirements, content finalised and now its live.  So that’s your website sorted, isn’t it? Not quite! Keeping your website...

Don’t worry if “Cyber Monday” passed you by

More than half the public (55%) find it difficult to support local firms because many of these businesses aren't online. Today is Cyber Monday, the one-day only frenzy of massive online discounts and the busiest day of internet shopping all year. The annual...


5 On-Page SEO Factors for WordPress

SEO is without doubt the number one issue people want to discuss with me. Be it at one of my workshops, presentations, whilst discussing a proposal or support. SEO comes up time and time again. I totally understand why. If you don't get it right then you are in effect...

Good SEO is about more than keywords

Search Engine Optimization is no longer solely about keywords and meta-tags; good SEO is now about user experience and quality content. Over the last few weeks the subject of SEO has popped up a number of times when I’ve been delivering workshops or reviewing existing...

Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing With SEO

Little Known Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks in 2014 Following on from our recent presentations we're still blogging more in depth posts about the issues we feel are really important to your business website. Here we look at how Social Media can help your SEO....

Social Media

Social Media Marketing Tips

With 33/34 million Facebook/Twitter accounts active in the UK are you maximising Social Media Marketing for your business? Social media networks were a novelty 5 years ago, but today their importance is no longer debated. Yes, businesses have definitely realized the...

Why your business should never buy social media fans

Buy 2,000 real facebook fans for £15.. Its promises like these that have seen businesses across the world flock to companies selling Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Promises like these have also seen businesses throw their money away. It’s also something I have...

14 Benefits of a Facebook Business Page Over a Personal Profile

Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy, but only works if you understand the benefits of a Facebook Business Page Just checking up on the Facebook page of a new customer and I noticed that their Facebook page is a personal one (somebody who would be my 'friend' and...

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