A clean, simple but effective ecommerce website solution

We are very proud of our new ecommerce website demo which is rich in features, intuitive to manage, friendly on the eye and fully responsive to mobile devices.

Basically, it’s all the things a good website should be. We found that as we continue to develop ecommerce websites,  a number of our customers had not thought past the point of selling online, and once the shop side of the website was in place, many were undecided as to what else to include.  So to address this issue we started with a responsive theme, flexed our graphic muscles and combined it together with our favourite business plugins.  The result is ‘Fluid Motion‘, our demo ecommerce website which we will be marketing as an out of the box solution.




As well as building this fully customisable site for you, we can also offer hosting, domain name registration and support, with more than enough options to enhance the clean and simple look whilst ensuring the completed site is unique to your business.

Now our demo is completed let’s run through the optional features on the home page, and remember they are all easily adjustable via your customised dashboard:


We have started the site off with an eye catching slider which scrolls through four different pictures from the category items our fictional shop will stock.  The main title in each slide, also act as a hyperlink, which will take you directly to the shop page and apply a filter for  that particular style of bike.




Feature products

If you want to focus on specific products you can simply tag them as ‘Featured’ and they will appear in this section. We have included eight, two of each style of bike.  Up to 18 can be included, but we think two rows of four is just enough to interest the customer.  The Shop page will be much better for displaying all of the products with sort and filter options.



Do you have a small nugget of information to share which doesn’t warrant a  web page or a blog post?  Perhaps you want to make a short statement that needs to stand out? Features are a great way to include small snippets of note, and when applied with a simple icon, as we have, they can be really effective. Of course if you do want to use them as a link to a fuller explanation that’s not a problem either.



Blog categories

A shop should do more than just simply sell.  Online shopping removes the personal interaction we find on the high street.  But when you write blogs you begin to interact with existing and potential customers.  If we have something interesting to say, people  may not wish to spend money today, but will come back to read future blogs, and in doing so could stumble across a new product that they do want.  This feature gives users quick access to your blog category and also shows the latest blog in each category by default.





We end the page with the traditional designer signature and social media buttons, we have also included a random testimonial quote which changes each time the page is accessed.  The footer content is very versatile allowing for up to four columns with a wide range of content options.




We feel this collection of fully customisable panels offers a good selection of options and gives our customers some idea of content they may wish to include. Oh, and did we mention it’s fully responsive?



Our ecommerce package comes with all of the standard pages you need to operate; cart, account, product view etc but at its heart it has to have a shop:



The Shop page is customisable, but the layout and features above, as presented in Shop page, will be the one supplied in the package.  Changes can be applied but may incur a cost.

Features to look out for:

  • Sort Options
  • Cart details
  • Product Search
  • Product groups
  • Price filter slider bar
  • Social Media buttons allowing for shop to be shared in over 20 Social media platforms. i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+


The Product page offers a clean yet detailed overview of a particular product.  Users can read more details, reviews, add the product to their cart, links for products in the same category and also related products.




Our straightforward Cart shows all the items to be purchased with the opportunity to increase or decrease quantities, or even remove items all together.  If your customers have coupons, this is the place to apply them, and if all is well you can progress through to the checkout.




Finally the Checkout page giving a concise breakdown of costs with payment options, plus instructions for Cheque, Bank transfer or PayPal.  The PayPal option allows for payments to be taken using credit card even if the customer doesn’t have a PayPal account.  If you wish to take Credit Cards directly as opposed to using PayPal a cost will incur to configure this functionality.




So that’s our ecommerce demo website site. Clean, intuitive and well laid out.  The £800 package comes with all of the following as standard, and remember if you are based in the North East you could be eligible for a grant of 40% (up to $1,400) towards the cost of your website.

  • Site hosting, domain name registration and support for the first 12 months. Further support available at an additional cost.
  • Site created and theme colours amended to suit your corporate identity.
  • Home page with drop down menu, slide show, feature products, feature articles, Blog Categories, social media and testimonial widgets.  Note: content to be supplied by the customer in a timely manner to ensure the site can go live.
  • Customisable Social Media share buttons for over 40+ social media platforms.
  • Home, Shop, Cart, Checkout, My Account and Blog pages included as seen in the demo.
  • More pages can be added if required and at an additional cost.
  • Payment functionality via Cheque, Bank transfer, PayPal and PayPal credit card clearing.
  • Fully customisable shipping rates for multiple weight and country combinations.
  • Full documentation on all aspects of your site management, including page addition/editing, blog posting and product management to put you in full control of your site.

If you feel your business could benefit from our ecommerce package then please email me today or call on 07742 693 440.  The consultation is FREE as is the proposal so lets get started.


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