In part seven we looked at the Brand Signal Factors and how they could effect your SEO, lets move on to Social Signals and see what part they play in continuing that improvement.

Lets get Social

I have made this point before, in my flyers, in presentations to business groups and my website.  Social Media has some big numbers in the UK.  34 Million and 33 Million Facebook and Twitter accounts respectively with an average of 120 likes / followers.  So it makes sense that Social Media plays a part in Google’s ranking algorithms.

Twitter ye not

Just like links the number of tweets a page has may influence how Google ranks it.  Particularly if they come from aged Twitter accounts with a large number of followers as oppose to new accounts with only a few followers.

Face up to Facebook

Whilst Google can’t view all Facebook accounts it can see how many likes your page has, the more likes the higher the ranking. Facebook Shares, which are very similar to a back-link also have their uses. Just like twitter, the authority of the Facebook account back-linking to your page is all the more useful when it comes from popular Facebook pages.

Make your site a social one

Site level social signals will always be a big factor, share, like, follow , etc, options on pages, posts, products and pictures will always help as will links to you own pages across the various Social Media platforms.  A live feed on your page from a Social Media platform will also help and it will keep your website content fresh.

There are lots more rules so here you go..


SEO08 Social Signals

Infographic data Source: Backlinko and SingleGrain


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