In part eight we looked at the Social Signal Factors and how they could effect your SEO, lets move on to On-site Webspam Factors and see what part they play in continuing that improvement.

Don’t play dirty

Links to bad neighbours is a no-no, pay day loans, lose weight fast, meet single women in your area now have a hugely detrimental effect on how Google ranks your page.  Sneaky redirects should also be avoided at all costs. People who visit a website expecting to be informed about cycling but are redirected to a dating website instead will not be impressed and neither will Google.  This type of thing not only gets your site penalized but de-indexed.  Overdoing the adds is also a negative factor, particularly above the fold.  Visitors to your site want to know about your business not see links to Amazon and eBay.

There are lots more rules so here you go..


SEO09 ON SIte Spam Factors

Infographic data Source: Backlinko and SingleGrain


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