In part nine we looked at the On-site Webspam Factors and how they could effect your SEO, now in our final Blog of this 10 blog serious lets take a look at Off-site Webspam Factors and see what part they play in continuing that improvement.

 A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link

Don’t try to build up your back-links rating by adding links to all manner of websites in a short space of time.  A sudden and unnatural influx of links is a sign of phony links which Google doesn’t like. If your business is all about Dog Training and links to your site start appearing on sites dedicated to IT, Music, Movies, etc then its going to look a bit suspicious.

There are lots more rules so here you go..

SEO10 Off Page Webspam Factors

Infographic data Source: Backlinko and SingleGrain


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