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Every new website is a fresh chance to build something great which is why we offer many different web-based services, to help your business reach its real potential. Is your current web design looking dated, is it a nightmare to view on a mobile device or are you still trying to figure out what SEO stands for? A new website can also be overwhelming, but that’s what we do! From day one, we’ll work with you on all your professional web design needs.

So how much is a website?

This is by far the most common question we are asked and often before we even know a potential clients requirements, goals and in some cases their business.

No two websites are the same, if they are they aren’t unique so how will yours stand out. So no two prices are the same

After all there are so many things a website can achieve that it would be impossible (and very boring even to us) to list them all here so let’s have that chat on 07742693440 or send an email and let us know what you want and if we can work together we will give you the website your business deserves.

As a guide we do have three packages which form the bases of the features you can expect for an estimated price which will give you a general idea as to what we charge.

As Standard

Whichever package you chose we will include the following as standard so you can rest assured your site is built on great foundations.


FREE Emails with every website we host. We’ll also help you set them up so you’re always in cintact with your customers,


All our websites are hosted in the UK with 24/7 support as standard.


When we build your great new website you’ll want people to be able to find it right? So we’ll assist with your Search Engine Optimising.


Every page is 100% responsive so from from Monitors to Mobiles your website will always look great and offer a smooth intuitive user experience.

Social Media

We’ll give visitors to your website teh ability to share your site via their own social media accounts, and we’ll include links to you business social media accounts as well.

Safe and Secure

Your website will come with a valid SSL security certificate, iSecrurity software and we’ll even back up your website every night.

* Only available for Websites hosted via Fluid Web Development

Got a Question?

Looking for a new website, need assistance with your current website or just need some advice?


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